ESCO Services

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC), also known as Shared Savings, Energy Savings Agreements (ESA) or an Energy as a Service Agreement, is a valuable tool for achieving infrastructure modernization, budget reduction, efficiency, and sustainability goals without the need for upfront capital expenditure. Performance Contracts are cash flow positive from day one to our clients, since project costs are paid for by the guaranteed savings realized from efficiency upgrades.

Customized Solutions

From asset retrofits to central system upgrades, we deliver projects customized to the unique characteristics of each facility. E4E’s approach is always brand agnostic, as we focus on optimizing the clients’ ROI. We integrate proven and leading-edge technologies with sustainable design practices to optimize overall system performance and maximize energy and cost savings.


E4E’s vast experience arranging non-recourse private placement project debt is tailored to the specific needs of each project to deliver a high return on investment with nominal risk. We invite select financial partners to compete for each transaction, delivering our clients an optimal interest rate for each project. This structured approach allows us to secure preferred financing rates to implement projects of virtually any size.


E4E’s in-house expertise covers the full range of utility systems and technologies found in all types of industrial facilities and campuses. Through all project phases — planning and development, implementation, and long-term performance period — we are the single point of responsibility for our clients. This ensures project objectives are met and savings achieved, minimizing risk, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

E4E has a team of engineering professionals on staff that lead each projects’ design and development phase. We work with your prequalified contractors who are established and proven assets for delivering projects. In all cases, contractors are qualified for working with site safety procedures (including COVID-19 site requirements), and for delivering a high quality of work and value.

E4E stands by all our work and provides financial and contractual guarantees to ensure savings and performance results are sustainable. Our full suite of metering and verification services range from one-time measurements as part of the commissioning process to continuous metering over the life of the investment.