Description: Solutions is there to support our clients every step of the way. Starting from capital planning, through project concept and design, and ending with turnkey project management and implementation. We provide a safe and efficient fast track to your energy goals and in doing so cost-effectively, ensure that the quality of service that you expect is exceeded.

Before breaking any ground, an intensive process surrounds the planning stage so as to avoid any unforeseen design or budget changes. We continuously reassess any labor or material pricing to make sure that initial low bids are not driven up with add-services or scope creep.

Our design/build projects have a shorter timeline because we design according to the client specifications and cost constraints. So our builds are completed on time and on budget.

Client Testimonial

The National Park Service seeks every opportunity to reduce its impact on the environment and demonstrate a sustainable path to its millions of visitors.  To help us in this effort we have found a great partner in E4E Solutions.  We utilize their technical resources to help guide us to practical and financially viable solutions.  Without hesitation, we would highly recommend E4E Solutions to anyone who needs assistance and guidance with energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainability initiatives.

Brian Cook
Regional Environmental and Sustainability Manager
National Park Service

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