Demand for both energy and water continues to grow worldwide. This escalation coupled with ever increasing scarcity of natural resources is a recipe for continued inflation of energy and water costs.  Consumers are focused on their utility spend and striving to reduce their environmental impact. The first step in this process is often an energy or water audit.

Audits are available from a wide array of sources; however, E4E Solutions stands apart from the crowd. Our audit team includes licensed professional engineers, with deep experience with real world projects. Our understanding of energy systems, the available technologies, corporate capital planning, and how projects actually get done provides for the most effective audit process available.

We generate projects that fit within your budget, meet your financial hurdle rates, integrate into existing systems, and save money. Our standard audit process is extensive at all levels, so if you have been told that there are no reasonable improvements to be made, think again.

World marketed energy consumption in three Oil Price cases, 2007-2035

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Client Testimonial

E4E Solutions has repeatedly demonstrated a high level of engineering knowledge along with an attention to detail and professionalism.  E4E Solutions represents our organization well and consistently identifies project that help our cities and their customers improve their operations.

Doug Moore
Director of Energy Services
Electric Cities of Georgia

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