StaplesAs the popularity of ENERGY STAR building certification grows, E4E Solutions is constantly adding to its repertoire of satisfied customers looking for a way to showcase the energy performance of one or more buildings. Not only does the ENERGY STAR certification add a fantastic marketing tool to a client’s portfolio, it provides the groundwork for certifications to be replicated in additional buildings with ease, as evident in our 7 certifications and 114 pre-certifications for Staples.

E4E Solutions also performs a number of audits required for various federal and state incentive programs, such as ARRA or stimulus funding, EPAct, and various individualized tax credit opportunities. The benefits of exploring the available deductions and credits are sometimes not evident upon initial investigation, so we encourage all interested clients to allow us to present the options.

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Other Audit Services:

Client Testimonial

E4E Solutions’s engineers have worked with our industrial and commercial customers as well as provided evaluations of all facilities owned by the City of Cartersville.  E4E Solutions has exceeded our expectations and provided us and our customers with excellent service.

David Myers
Cartersville Electric

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