More than ever, sustainable practices are becoming commonplace and even law in the development and operation of public buildings. Clean energy initiatives, efficiency upgrades, and a better understanding of the operational dollars spent are demanded from the administration and public alike.

E4E Solutions has worked with over a hundred local government water, wastewater, and irrigation utilities to improve the energy and water management performance of their systems. From the capital planning process through turnkey installation, E4E Solutions works side-by-side with local governments to effect change and achieve real world results.

From renewable energy installations to military base energy audits, we have served the public sector in a wide range of capacities. With a renewed and ever-increasing focus on wasted energy cost, our government clients demand precision and E4E Vision delivers.

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Client Testimonial

The National Park Service seeks every opportunity to reduce its impact on the environment and demonstrate a sustainable path to its millions of visitors.  To help us in this effort we have found a great partner in E4E Solutions.  We utilize their technical resources to help guide us to practical and financially viable solutions.  Without hesitation, we would highly recommend E4E Solutions to anyone who needs assistance and guidance with energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainability initiatives.

Brian Cook
Regional Environmental and Sustainability Manager
National Park Service

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